The Hero’s Journey of Writing a Book with Jane Turner (Episode 2)

Quietly Successful Jane Turner

Do you feel that you have a story to tell, but something stops you from making the commitment to write a book? In the second episode of the Quietly Successful Podcast, I’m talking with Jane Turner. Jane Turner is a gifted speaker, sought-after business consultant, and Certified Master Coach. She is the author of Thrive in Midlife, Weight Loss in Midlife, and Mindset for Authors: How to overcome procrastination, perfectionism and self-doubt.

Jane Turner shares her shyness story and tells of the pivotal moment she was made redundant at the age of 52. Jane describes the moment like she was being pushed out of a plane. What happened next is truly inspirational. Today, Jane is a perfect example of having found Quiet Success. She has well and truly broken up with shyness since having been featured in natural television and magazines.

Here are some gold nuggets from the discussion:

  • Once you transcend the smaller version of yourself, the bigger version can’t be shoved back into the box.
  • If you don’t own it (your story), then it owns you.
  • (We can) divest ourselves of all of those stories that we’ve played out… stopping that internal chatter about, ‘You’re not good enough. You’re not one of those people. You’re not one of those people who can be successful like that because you’re too shy (or) Quiet. You’re not confident enough.’