Quietly Successful Podcast Launch (Episode 1)

Quietly Successful podcast launch

Welcome to this first episode of the Quietly Successful Podcast. This podcast is for anyone who identifies themselves as an introvert, a highly sensitive person, somebody that just generally has a quiet nature.

Show Highlights:

  • You don’t need to find your confidence. Confidence will find you.
  • Labels. Shyness may be the label that you’ve given yourself or something related. The fact is, labels can make or break your self-confidence. With the right strategies, you can learn to separate you from the label you’ve given yourself.
  • Story. you can choose a different story. From this day forward, you can choose a different outcome like Choose Your Own Adventure book. Not only that, you can go back and change the meaning behind the stories that left you with scars.
  • Persona. Shyness is just a persona. There are some simple steps you can take to change your shy persona and embrace your courageously authentic self with quiet confidence.