Finding Confidence Within with Leo Shallat (Episode 6)

Finding Your Confidence Within - Leo Shallat

In this episode of Quietly Successful I’m speaking with fellow introvert and empath, Leo Shallat from Seattle, Washington. Leo is an Artist, Designer and Muralist who once felt afraid to share his feelings for fear of being misunderstood. He discovered a love for painting, which became an incredible source of confidence that he could use to put a voice to his empathy. Leo shares with us some incredible insights about expressing your own unique talents and strengths.

In the podcast, Leo shares with us how his experience of feeling alienated or being an outsider started in public school where he struggled with traditional school structures. Without the tools that he now holds today, he suffered a lot of negative self-talk around the idea that he was stupid and was going to be a failure. While he became his worst own enemy, he did identify something within that gave him hope; an intuitive feeling or intelligence within that shared different insight, that he could thrive in the right nurtured environment.

Leo found that environment through the expression of his creativity through graffiti art. This gave him a vehicle of self-expression, which made it very clear to him that the path he was on was not going to involve a traditional office job. Not wanting to be confined by society’s stigma of graffiti, he expanded his learnings and brought this into the realm of art. During university, he had the opportunity to take an internship at a screen printing studio. It’s here where he had the realization that his creative passion could become a career.

Some key highlights include:

  • The value of having a mentor on your journey;
  • The importance of Inner listening, along with having outside sources to facilitate and guide you is imperative, it’s challenging to do all on your own;
  • Discover what is fun for you; fun is dramatically underrated in the world that we live in.

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