Being at One With Fear with Phuong Phan (Episode 3)

Quietly Successful episode three - being at one with fear Phuong Phan

Phuong Phan is an International Speaker, Life Coach, a Passionate Free Spirit, and a Proud Introvert. In the podcast, Phuong shares her story of being an incredibly shy five-year-old child refugee from Vietnam. Phuong shares how growing up she felt uncomfortable under her skin, lacking self-confidence. Phuong reached the point of depression and suicidal anxiety until she reached the point that she knew she had to make major changes. Phuong is truly an inspirational human being and I have no doubt you’ll get tremendous value from hearing her story.

Here are some gold nuggets from the discussion:

  • Putting yourself first is priority. And when I started doing that, I started to go inwards instead of outwards. I started to find my identity. … My life is about helping other people out there who are going through the same situation that I am.
  • …. You have to step out (and surround yourself with) supportive people.
  • When you’ve got that purpose and you’ve got that drive, and you know, you’ve got greatness inside of you… you’re going to push yourself forward.
  • It’s not about fixing yourself, it’s about revealing yourself.
  • …You’re always going to be that little child. You know, be that creative child who you once were.
  • Just be you, there’s only one you in this lifetime, and there’s nobody else out there that is like you so just be authentic, be vulnerable. Allow yourself to just be and just share your big vision.