Hi, I’m Joel Annesley, I’m here to help you overcome anxiety.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Success Coach, and former anxiety sufferer, it’s my mission to help you overcome your anxiety so you can enjoy life without restrictions. 



A therapist who understands you

Speaking to someone new can sometimes be daunting. Joel is a therapist who understands your challenges from lived experience. Previously suffering from acute social anxiety and shyness; Joel’s caring, calming, gentle, and understanding nature can help you feel at ease enabling an environment where you can create lasting change. 


With experience and qualifications to facilitate real change

Joel’s desire to help others started when he first volunteered as a peer-to-peer telephone counselor. He realised he had a gift to help others, and in doing so launched his coaching business in 2018 following the launch of his book, ‘Quiet Confidence: Breaking Up with Shyness’. Following this, Joel continued his learning in order to help others effectively manage anxiety using hypnosis.

Joel holds a Diploma of Life Coaching, Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy along with a NLP Master Practitioner Certification, including Master Practitioner of Emotional Intelligence, Master level Time-Based Therapy, and Level 1 and 2 Coach Certification.


Delivering a quiet mission with incredible passion.

Joel created Quietly Successful with a simple ethos; the change you’re looking for is not about becoming something you’re not. Finding your Quiet Success is a choice, you can choose to become authentically you by breaking free of old patterns that no longer serve you anymore.


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